May Book Favorites 2016

Hello, readers!

Time for another monthly book favorites!

I’ve read three books this month, and I’m here to tell you my favorite character, cover, title, story, and book!

Let’s get started!

1. Favorite character

Akiva from Dreams of Gods & Monsters

How could I pick anyone than my love Akiva from Dreams of Gods & Monsters? I’ve loved Akiva since I first started the series, so I definitely have to pick him as my favorite character for the month of May.

2. Favorite cover

I don’t really have a favorite cover for this month because none of these covers really wowed me. So I’m passing on this one for this month.

3. Favorite title

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

I love this title, and I loved the way Ruta Sepetys incorporated it into the story (if you’ve read this book, then you may have noticed it!).

4. Favorite story

Legend by Marie Lu

This story didn’t amaze me all that much when I first started it. By the end, I really enjoyed the story and I plan to read more of it when I read the rest of the trilogy.

5. Overall favorite book

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys!

This book was the only book that got a five star rating from me this month, and it was honestly the best book I read this month. It was gritty and emotional, and it was a great historical fiction novel. I was really excited to read it, and I was really satisfied with it when I was done. It is definitely my favorite book of May 2016.

And there’s my monthly book favorites for the month of May! I had a great time reading these books, and I look forward to the books that June will bring.

Come back tomorrow for my June TBR post to see what I plan to read this month!

See you then!


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